Well, 2016 it’s been a ride…

Whilst it may have been chaos in the wider world, musically it’s been a winner. At Inception, we have worked with so much excellent music we have barely stopped, until today, as we head out of office and ready ourselves to hit the ground running in 2017.

Thanks to anyone who has worked with us this year – be you a journalist, band, manager, agent, label or any form of supporter – it’s been stellar!

Join us in 2017 for more great material – including debut records from our management artists WSTR & Blood Youth.

2016-22016 RELEASES:

January 15th: Campfires – Campfires
February 5th: Catch Fire – The Distance I Am From You
February 12th: Day Old Hate – First Light
February 19th: Better Than Never – Homemade Hero
March 4th: Story – Hopeless But Hoping
March 11th: Blood Youth – Closure
March 25th: One Man Boycott – Counting The Seconds
April 1st: The Ever Living – The Ever Living
April 8th: Coast To Coast – Dwell
May 6th: Vexxes – Common Ground
May 20th: Not Today – Headway
May 27th: As Daylight Fades – Love//Loss
June 7th: (SINGLE) Red Seas Fire – Prisoner
July 14th: (SINGLE) – Catch Fire – Wild Things
July 15th: Safe Side – Blossom
July 22nd: Capsize – A Reintroduction: The Essence Of All That Surrounds Me
August 12th: Landmarks – In Spite Of It All
August 16th: (SINGLE) – Catch Fire – Introspective Pt II
September 16th: Brave Vultures – I’m Not Coming Back If You’re Not Here
September 23rd: Anna’s Anchor – Nautical Miles
September 30th: Towers – Towers
October 7th: COVE – We Were Once Lost
October 14th: Six Time Champion – More Than Me
October 28th: You Know The Drill – Losing Streak
December 2nd: Better Than Never – Head Under Water

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