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In celebration of the excellent videos we have had the pleasure of working with of late, we bring you a round-up of 10 of these delights, all from 2016 thus far!

TEL Promo

Why it’s awesome: The visuals are hauntingly beautiful, the perfect backdrop to THE EVER LIVING’s ethereal sound.

What the band had to say: Featuring ‘The Statue of Love’ by Georgian artist Tamara Kvesitadze, it shows the moving sculpture which is based on the 1937 novel ‘Ali and Nino’ by Azerbaijani author Kurban Said and depicts a love story between a Muslim boy and a Georgian princess. I thought that if you could capture the performance of the statue without any tricks or effects and if you didn’t have any buildings or people in the shot, it would give an otherworldly feel to it.

Why it’s worth a watch: there’s a cameo from a gnarly goat.

The band comments: We chose this one as our single for two reasons: 1. It was the most popular, and 2. It represented our sound and direction the most. We wanted to write something that we felt we hadn’t heard before, and that was interesting to listen to. Something fresh and exciting, that felt personal to us. We spent a long time figuring out how to make it authentic and constantly tweaking it to ensure it was the best song it could be.  “Was it me or depression that broke you down? ‘Cause I get the impression that it was me somehow.” This line from the chorus, means a lot to me as it’s derived from a very negative period in my life, and I’d bet my life that there are loads of people in the position I was in. My advice: “Stay posi and get rid ASAP.”

‘ave a gander ‘cos: it’ll fill you with joy!

What the band want you to know: We decided we wanted to capture the excitement and atmosphere of Same Streets in a live environment – but this was gonna be tricky considering we hadn’t yet played our first show as this new band! We contacted some friends and fans from our past band who we thought might like to hear our new music. After sharing the new song with them, we invited a few along to a small venue where we played the song to the everyone. This actually proved a lot of fun and was exciting to see everyone’s reactions at our new sound. The fact that people were singing the words back at us, crowd surfing and getting so involved was crazy. The other parts to the video are all shot throughout summer at various BBQs, beaches, a Harbour, drinking with friends, swimming in freezing cold Scottish rivers and jumping off a bridge. These situations represent the good stuff we get upto in the “same old” city that we live in every day.


Give it a watch because: It’s as epic as the track itself

The band elaborates… “With it being such an energetic track, it would have been far easier to throw together another generic performance-based video. Instead we spent a few weeks bouncing ideas back and forth developing a storyboard for a kind of short film. The epic scenery just seemed like a more fitting way to match the size of the song”

Not Today Promo 1

Worth your time because: Who doesn’t want to see a band perform in a squash court?

In the band’s own words… “Growing Backwards is about the people who tell you it’s not feasbile, it’s not realistic and you might as well not bother. It’s about breaking away from that negativity and doing exactly what you want to do with your life”.

Press play because: It shows the band in the action – kicking ass and taking names

The band explain: The track is about the idea of conforming to people’s ideology of having to dress or look a certain way to have to fit in with a crowd. Fuck all that, you are you because you are your own person don’t let anyone change who you are.


This deserves your attention because: despite singing about being in “a real bad place, get away from me”, really they just want your love and attention.

The band had to say… “Mood Swing is about just wanting to be left alone. Life can be overwhelming and sometimes we need time to deal with things in our own way. We wanted to get across a sense of isolation and paranoia and how being alone with your thoughts can actually be very claustrophobic!”

Worth a peak because: if you don’t watch it, he’ll box your ears

The band reveal: “It’s important to not to get too hung up about the people that didn’t/don’t believe in you. The video itself shows someone who is training and striving to reach that end goal by making themselves stronger and better”.

Visit the link because: it features Liam Leverton of Empires Fade and although the track may be sending a positive message, it’s one of the hardest hitting songs from their recently released ‘Hopeless But Hoping’ EP.

The band put it into context: “We wanted to reflect our feelings and respect towards other bands in our local scene with this song. We felt that with this message, filming within a church represented truth and belief on behalf of us and everyone else going for the same dream. Without everyone supporting us, we’d be nothing”.

Capsize Promo 1

Feast your eyes on it because: alongside being visually stunning, it’s extremely creepy and you didn’t want to sleep tonight anyway…

Capsize reveal it’s: “about the idea of wanting to move on from a moment, person or cycle in life, but feeling like your actions that leave you unexplainably content in discomfort make up who you are, and battling that in your head… the fear that you can’t change fast enough in your own eyes.”

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