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August saw the end of the sleepy summer as we picked up 3 excellent new artists, attended Reading Festival, Best Years released their EP and our management artists played some ace shows! Read on for more…




11/08/15: Down To A Tea: German crossover quintet find themselves with sophomore E.P

When it comes to the alternative scene in Germany, there’s pretty much just Hardcore,” states Lukas Andrzejewski, bassist with German melodic hardcore/ pop punk crossover quintet, Earl Grey; “There are some people that also dig Pop Punk, but it’s nothing compared to the Hardcore movement over here. But, I think we fit in the scene well because both types of people dig us; at every show we play there are both Hardcore and Pop Punk kids. We’ve even had punks (I mean the real kind) coming to us after a set and telling us that they really liked it, although it’s not exactly the music they’re listening to on a regular basis. Ultimately, no matter if there’s 10 or 1000 people, we always give everything and try to express our music with our live performance, and I think that this honesty is what people connect with.”   Lifting their moniker from the tea that vocalist Malte ‘Pedro’ Unnasch would devour whilst tracking vocals on the band’s debut E.P  (2015’s ‘Ready To Leave’), Earl Grey‘s latest work is their second E.P of the year, ‘Passing Time’, and it sees the band more on confident form: “The new release is definitely more powerful than the first one,” opines Lukas, “I feel like the songs have more passion and energy. Every step we took, every decision we made has been talked over a lot. Our policy in the band is not to do anything if not everyone’s completely satisfied with that decision.” Eager to keep up the momentum between releases, the band comments that “There was just 6 months in between recording the two releases so we obviously didn’t reinvent the wheel with this one, but we all think that this EP is a big step forward. The songs deliver more passion, honesty and energy, and that’s exactly what we were looking for; I think that we finally found our sound we want to represent the band.”  

Passing Time Track Listing: 1. Passing Time | 2. Headstrong | 3. Backstabber | 4. Haven

Upcoming Tour Dates: 
13/08/15 Bonn, Germany @ Bla
26/08/15 Saarbrücken, Germany @ Jugendclub Güdingen
27/08/15 Lucerne, Switzerland @ Treibhaus
28/08/15 Oettingen, Germany @ Juze Kraftwerk
29/08/15 Lüdenscheid, Germany @ AJZ
30/08/15 Mönchengladbach, Germany @ Blaues Haus
31/08/15 Nevers, France @ Le Courrier Bar
01/09/15 Brighton, UK @ The Hope & Ruin
03/09/15 Sheffield, UK @ The Riverside
04/09/15 Wrexham, UK @ Rewind
05/09/15 Liverpool, UK @ Maguire’s Pizza Bar
06/09/15 Glasgow, UK @ The Old Hairdressers

25/08/15: Your Cup of Tea? German crossover quintet release video for ‘Passing Time’

Lifting their moniker from the tea that vocalist Malte ‘Pedro’ Unnasch would devour whilst tracking vocals on the band’s debut E.P (2015’s ‘Ready To Leave’), Earl Grey‘s latest work is E.P ‘Passing Time’. Ahead of the release of their latest dose of hardcore and pop-punk fusion on October 9th, the quintet have unveiled the video for the single of the same name. View it here:

Featuring footage of the band playing a show at a skatepark in Eindhoven and various behind the scenes shenanigans, Bassist Lukas Andrzejewski comments “The song itself is about giving up on yourself. We’re all in our early twenties and sometimes we just feel like everyone our age is ten steps ahead when it comes to getting their life together and we’re just passing time.” He continues, “It’s about the chances that you didn’t take. It’s about sleeping in instead of getting up and changing the world, it’s about disappointing the ones you love, it’s about burning bridges and losing hope in everyone around you. It’s about knowing you’re doing something wrong but not being able to change it. We wanted to mix both aspects in the video and wanted to remind people that life is all about the beautiful moments that you’ll always remember.”


Junior Promo 5
17/08/15: Greetings From Junior’s World –Cardiff Pop Punks Wrestle With Suburbia In Sophomore Release

A professional wrestler, a children’s book author and the head of a non-profit organisation walk into a bar…. There’s a great punchline to that out there somewhere, but we’ll have to leave that to the neologists. The in-real-life result of this meeting of personalities is South Wales trio Junior, a pop punk band with more on their minds than girls, skateboards and pizza.

We all liked the idea of a concept album, and building our own little world that’s explained and explored through each of the songs,” says guitarist / vocalist Matt Attard of Junior’s mini-album, JuniorLand; “We’re all quite arty people anyway and we really saw this as more of a whole project than just an EP – There are several storylines that intertwine through JuniorLand. We used retro-suburbia as our framework, and even used samples on a bunch of the tracks, so even the sound of these old recordings sets the scene of what it “looks like” in JuniorLand. The samples come from all sorts of places, like informercials and old documentaries.“

Whilst the band’s conceptual ‘JuniorLand’ carries an aesthetic straight out of Pleasantville via a Don Draper ad campaign, its sound is a little more contemporary. In parts reminiscent of Blink 182’s rightfully revered 2003 self titled album, JuniorLand is highly melodic, swathed in big guitars and layered lead vocals where guitarist Attard (who also handles all of the band’s graphic design) and bassist Mark Andrews, take turns to belt out impassioned hooks. “We made a real effort with dynamics and songwriting to make this release stand out,” opines Attard, “The best comparison is self-titled era Blink, with a dash of Dashboard Confessional, but with elements of Four Year Strong and All Time Low thrown in for good measure – they all just know how to pen a great tune! JuniorLand is almost more of a pop record than a standard pop-punk album – it’s not just double time drums, wall to wall guitars and shouting that demands finger pointing all the way through.”

Junior (the lineup completed by drummer Si Martin) do face a bit of a geographical hurdle, with bassist Andrews residing in the US ever since securing a contract with professional wrestling company, TNA (Total Nonstop Action): “Every kid wants to be a Power Ranger, and so I figured being a wrestler is the next best thing,” laughs Andrews; “I started when I was pretty young, and I’ve just been changing, learning, growing, developing and pushing myself ever since. So it’s awesome that it’s recently allowed me onto an even higher level to be pushing myself at, ever since winning British Bootcamp and securing my contract with TNA.” And it’s not just Andrews who has the bug, Matt has also entered the wrestling world: by doing design work for wrestlers, and composing some entrance music.

Despite their assorted serious pursuits outside of the band, Junior still have a serious dose of ambition.  Speaking of his ambitions Andrews clarifies “I don’t just want to be a wrestler – I always want to achieve as much in my life as possible. It is hard work, and since moving to America it’s made the band that little bit harder, but we still make it work. We FaceTime each other all the time, and we even managed to record a The Wonder Years cover while we were on different sides of the world!” As if to avoid any confusion, he comments “We want to take over the world! If you told us a year ago that we’d be on our first tour, we would’ve thought that was the finish line, but with that under our belts, we’re looking for the next challenge. We want to be bigger than the mould we’re put in. And then when we’re bigger, keep building from there, and continually pushing ourselves to achieve more.”

We’d suggest you don’t argue, he might just suplex you; it’s much more painless to just give JuniorLand your attention instead.

JuniorLand Artwork
JuniorLand Track Listing:
1.            A House That’s Not Quite A Home
2.            Maria
3.            That Pretty Dress
4.            Lakeside
5.            If I Had The Time I’d Tell You I’m Not Sorry
6.            Anywhere But Here
7.            Epilogue (We Hope You Enjoyed Your Stay)

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Junior are just wrapping up their debut UK tour, with the following dates remaining:
17/8 – Bournemouth, The Anvil
19/8 – Cardiff, Undertone

  • Watch lead single ‘Anywhere But Here’:
01/09/15: Revisit JuniorLand: Cardiff Pop Punks Junior Unveil 2nd Track From Forthcoming Sophomore Release

1st September 2015: Cardiff Pop Punk Trio Junior have unveiled another track from their forthcoming ‘JuniorLand’ mini-album, ahead of it’s release on 16th October. You can hear ‘A House That’s Not Quite A Home’ here:  Professional wrestler and bassist/vocalist of the band, Mark Andrews, says of the track: “It’s the first song we had written ready for the record, and we wanted to welcome everyone in to Juniorland with this big Four Year Strong inspired riff”. It’s also the track which Andrews has chosen as his walk on when wrestling with TNA (Total Nonstop Action).

Other members of the band happen to also comprise a children’s book author and the head of a non-profit organisation. As a result they form a pop punk band with more on their minds than girls, skateboards and pizza. Guitarist/Vocalist Matt Attard comments on the tracks content that “The lyrics really reflect that whole idea of leaving behind the place that you’ve grown up in and grown comfortable with, in favour of something new and (hopefully..!) better.


ReVerbed 124/08/15: ReVerbed Announce EP & Stream Single –Pop Rock Quartet Still Alive And Kicking With ‘Another Year, Still Here’
“When we were half way through recording this E.P, we came so close to packing it all in,” recalls Zoë Waugh, guitarist and co-vocalist of Doncaster born, Brighton based pop rock quartet, ReVerbed; “Ultimately, we couldn’t bring ourselves to give up on six years of hard work.  So, we are still here, still strong and still loving what we do.”Formed during their secondary school years, ReVerbed – completed by guitarist and co-vocalist George Donoghue, drummer Josh and bassist Joe –  have managed what most high school bands don’t – to stay together, through college, University, jobs, MySpace… : “We’ve been together through thick and thin,” says Zoë, “We started in our small hometown in the Yorkshire scene, and then began touring the UK when we were all about 16 – our work ethic is really important to us.”

ReVerbed’s latest release, the appropriately titled Another Year, Still Here, sees the self proclaimed ‘road dogs’ going back to their roots, drawing on the likes of Jimmy Eat World and Taking Back Sunday for inspiration: “This release took a more poppy turn for us,” opines Zoë, “Our previous record was darker and angrier, and generally more negative than this release. After the band almost imploded we took a step back to our roots, and focused on our more Pop Punk, alt rock and even emo influences.”

Indeed, Another Year, Still Here is positively bursting with pop rock sass, the dual vocal interplay of Zoë and fellow guitarist and co-vocalist George Donoghue snap, crackle and popping across ridged guitar riffs and hooky refrains. “This release was the product of a 12 track album we recorded, but we decided these four songs were the best moments and to just focus on releasing these,” explains Zoë.  “The themes cover the band’s near demise and our honest feelings towards it, as well as the hope that it’s all going to be ok, no matter what we go through and we can get through this together.”

Another Year, Still Here Track Listing:

  1. Breathe In, Breathe Out
  2. Bury Me
  3. Keep Me In Your Eyes
  4. Promises
Upcoming Tour Dates:
October 12th – Maguires Pizza Bar – Liverpool
October 13th – Retro Bar – Manchester
October 15th – Santiago’s – Leeds
October 16th – Vintage Rockbar – Doncaster
October 20th – Lady Luck – Canterbury
October 22nd – Bar 42 – Worthing
October 24th – The Black Dog – Crawley
  • Stream lead single ‘Bury Me’ Here:


BY128/08/15:Best Years Drop ‘Drop Out’ –Manchester Quintet Prove That UK Pop Punk Is Going Strong

Friday 28th August 2015:  Today see’s Manchester Pop Punks Best Years unveil sophomore EP ‘Drop Out’ via Dream Atlantic Records. “The title isn’t loaded with any negative connotations,” states Joel Plews, vocalist with the quintent. “The members of this band have all ‘dropped out’ of reality in order to fully commit to this band; we’ve made sacrifices in doing so, but we’re having more fun doing this than we would be doing anything else. The title is meant as an encouragement for people to drop out of boring routines and start afresh doing something they love, to chase their dreams.

Completed by bassist Josh Holland, guitarists Ed Lawson and James Hunt, and drummer Josh Berzins. Best Years sophomore outing is loaded with nostalgic melody and sparkling guitars, each of its three songs a self contained summery mini-anthem.

The songs are definitely catchier and, dare I say it, a little cheesier than on our previous release,” laughs Joel; “We feel like we have properly found our sound; we’re a lot happier in terms of how the songs are both instrumentally and lyrically. We want to do stuff we like, and not get lost in the loop of competition because that’s when tensions arise and things go wrong. We’ve all been in that situation in previous bands, rushing against other bands, but now we just say ‘fuck it, let’s do everything to the best of our ability and give it our best shot’; whatever happens we’re still going to carry on making music and being best friends. We just want to be the band that puts a smile on people’s faces.

Drop Out Track Listing:

  1. Built To Last 2. Overrated 3. Back Then

Upcoming Tour Dates:
The quintet will be joining fellow newcomers WSTR on the road in September for a UK tour entitled “Hi There!”, which aims to prove that although young, the artists can put their mics where their mouths are and cause a ruckus befitting of ten guys giving it their all:
“Hi There!” September Tour With WSTR + Best Years + local supports:
8th – CHESTER –
10th – LONDON –
11th – BRISTOL –
12th – GLASGOW –
13th – SHEFFIELD –
14th – STOKE –

Drop Out saw release on August 28th 2015 via Dream Atlantic Records. Order Now:



  • Added some rad (or as they would say ‘piff’) new merch to their store, including a very apt Regular Show parody tee:
  • Played 3 dates, hitting Bristol, Southampton and York, with ska road dogs Less Than Jake
  • Were main support to A Wilhelm Scream at The Underworld, Camden
  • Kicked ass on the main stage at Hevy Festival
  • Played 2 dates with pop punk legends New Found Glory, including a sold out O2 Academy Islington:
  • Graced the stage at Hevy and Make A Scene Festivals, alongside opening for A Wilhelm Scream in London
  • Began streaming their forthcoming debut EP in full with Kerrang!, have a gander:
  • Landed a 9/10 review in Rock Sound magazine, alongside a full page feature, which if viewed carefully shows bassist Alex sending a message to his Mum…
  • Released this insight into the recording of their sophomore music video for ‘Fair Weather’:
  • Ran a competition for their new streetlight tee – if you missed out, pick up yours here:

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