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OVERVIEW: Founded in 2012, we are an artist friendly, UK based, independent, alternative music publicity and management agency.

ARTISTS WE WORK WITH: We have already worked with in excess of 80 artists, including the likes of Neck Deep, As It Is, WSTR, ROAM, Trash Boat, Blood Youth, Milestones, Your Demise & Brutality Will Prevail. In case you haven’t already noticed, our roster is diverse, with us having worked with artists from the worlds of rock and alternative, metal and hardcore, pop-punk and post-hardcore, amongst others. Our minds (and most importantly, our ears) remain open – we don’t pigeonhole ourselves, and increasingly nor do our artists. In short, provided we dig it, you can count us in!


-Publicity: We create and carry out promotional drives for bands and releases that we believe in, with a mission to deliver exposure in print and online / digital media, as well as at some select radio and TV outlets.

Though we work with artists at all levels, our speciality is in building a solid foundation for new and emerging artists, as reflected in our motto “From The Ground Up”. We pride ourselves on the fact that many of our alumni artists now work with industry leaders, going on to secure international label deals, management and booking agents.

-Management: We no longer provide long-term management, but we do offer one-off consultations for artists seeking career advice. Having been integral in the career development of the likes of Architects, Neck Deep, Lower Than Atlantis, As It Is and more, Leander can offer a professional overview of your band’s career, and give his personal insights into where you are going right or wrong.

WHO WE ARE: Full time music industry professionals, partners with a background in artist management, music journalism and brand promotion.


As It Is: Inception took us from our first tour to places beyond our seemingly unrealistic expectations. Their hard work and coverage alongside our EP release brought us to the attention of industry and listeners otherwise beyond our reach. We couldn’t have asked for a more supportive and friendly group of people to work with.

Best Years: During their interview with Musicology, read it HERE: “Inception helped us a lot,” says Ed, “because of Rock Sound, Kerrang and all the coverage we got.” “We definitely recommend those guys for press coverage, even for little bands with any releases. That was massive in getting it out there. I mean it’s not the be all and end all, but get press sorted and you’ve got your life sorted.” imparts Joel.

Better Than Never: As below – the inlay of ‘Homemade Hero’ released 19/02/16

BTN Testimonial













Blood Youth: “We would love to stay with you for our press, including for the next release too. We are all stoked on everything you did on the EP!”

Campfires: “Thanks for the clippings and thank you for everything you have done for us with this campaign!  It’s been a massive help to us in getting our music out there! Hopefully we will get down south and play a show near you soon, and meet up for some drinks!”

Canvas: “Thanks so much for your hard work on this album, it’s been a pleasure working with you! We will be in contact next year regarding our next release!”

Earl Grey: “Thank you so much for doing this over the past few months… we will let you know about any upcoming releases we want to start a campaign for once we have concrete plans for them. We will also recommend you to friends”

Hang The Bastard: Inception press “get it”, genuine music fans who genuinely work for a bands interest, creatively and innovatively.

Highlives: Thanks for doing such a good job on our campaign!

Heel: We worked with Inception on our first press campaign for the release of our EP Stranger Just the Same.  We were totally blown away by the results.  They helped us land radio play and a video premiere from Kerrang!, a print feature from Powerplay and a constant stream of amazing reviews and features from countless online press outlets.  The whole team were an absolute pleasure to work with and we couldn’t be happier with the work they did to get our music out there and heard by the masses!

Hornets: It was a pleasure working with Lauren and Leander at Inception Press. They provide a professional well organised service with a friendly and personal touch. I feel they understood what we were going for and helped us to push our music in the right circles. Exposure gained from their press campaign has opened up new opportunities for the band. If you get the opportunity I would recommend working with them. They were kind enough to put us up for a night on our first UK tour, forever grateful!

Junior: The PR has really helped us with getting exposure for this EP, so we’ll definitely be looking to work with Inception again in the future!

Montroze (formerly Montrose): Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us during this campaign. We came to you guys for a reason, and it’s definitely been a good decision because we’ve achieve exactly what we hoped to through you guys: to raise our profile and get some decent exposure, and you’ve nailed it! A personal highlight was getting on the Rock Sound CD, which is definitely a proud moment for us in the band and one we’re really grateful for!

You definitely get what you pay for with you guys, 100%.I can confidently say that around any other releases, we will definitely be looking to come back.

ROAM: Working with Inception Press was a big step up for us as a band. We quickly began to get interviews and press features in magazines & online publications like Rocksound & Punktastic which was huge for us. It really helped us grow on a more national scale as a band and put our music in front of the right people.

Rosen Bridge: “Just want to say a genuine massive thanks from all of us for your hard work and patience with us over the campaign.  It’s a been a great experience and definitely something we’ll be considering again in the future. You’ve really helped in taking us up the next step in our journey.”

Six Time Champion“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us over the past few months! Your work has massively raised the profile of the band and we couldn’t be happier or more grateful with the result! We’ve already discussed it and said that we’ll definitely be coming back to you for any future releases.”

THE EVER LIVING: “As a new band we were asking a lot from Lauren, but she managed to deliver above and beyond, creating a campaign which aimed high and ticked a lot of boxes that most bands would only dream of ticking. Lauren was a pleasure to work with. She was persistent and professional throughout and has added tremendous value so early on in our musical venture.”

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